Thursday 22 September 2011

Diary of a birth

My twin lives in Auckland, NZ, so visiting doesn't happen everyday. It gets reserved for big events like the birth of my new nephew, Sam. He took his sweet time arriving- a week late- but when he did finally arrive, it was a beautiful natural birth I was honoured to attend. (my sisters have been there for both of my beautiful births- family tradition with us three girls and our babies)
I tried to document the day as much as possible without actually photographing a camera shy Claire....

Early morning drive to the hospital
 View from the hospital birthing suite
 A little granny somewhere made little knitted hats for all the babies born on the ward during RWC. Boy makes and appearance and its unlikely to fit his large noggin :)
 Cuddles with Mum and midwife.... and then dad
 Yes, number is correct.
 Could I be prouder?
 Very hungry bub.
 Cuddles with his aunt.
 Tucked up and snoozing
 More snoozes.. its hard being born and all....
 Cuddles with mum
 Proud mum
 I think I'll just have another little nap...
 Harbour bridge as I drive home that night.

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